American Iron Magazine Presents 1001 Harley-Davidson Facts

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Discover 1001 entertaining facts about Harley Davidson’s company history, its legendary motorcycle powertrains, pop culture, racing heritage, military use, and more!

Author Tyler Greenblatt compiled 1,001 Harley-Davidson facts into this single volume that he organized into eight eras, one for each chapter. He starts with the 1915-and-earlier era, ends with the twin-cam era from 1999 to present, and covers everything in between, including F-heads, Flatheads, Knuckleheads, Panheads, Shovelheads, and more.

Facts begin during a time when a motorcycle was not much more than a bicycle with an engine attached, and the evolution is shown in how 15,000 were put into service during World War I. During the 1920s, Harley-Davidson grew into the largest manufacturer in the world, and that momentum helped carry it through the Great Depression and into World War II. Postwar development and AMF ownership are also covered in detail, as well as the restructuring and revival of the brand in recent years.

Harley-Davidson is among the oldest surviving motorcycle manufacturers; the company began in 1903 and continues to this day. Over the course of more than 100 years, the company has seen prosperous times as well as lean times, changes in focus and direction, evolution and revolution. All of that leads to a lot of company history and trivia.

Whether you’re a casual rider, racer, or restorer, Harley-Davidson enthusiasts will be sure to find something in this book for that next conversation with fellow hobbyists. This book will keep Harley-Davidson enthusiasts entertained for hours and is a great addition to any motorcycling library.CarTech


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