DITRIO 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips Multi-Color Accent Glow Neon Ground Effect Atmosphere Lights Lamp with Wireless Remote Controller for Harley Davidson Honda Kawasaki Suzuki (Pack of 12)



Product Description

motorcycle light DITRIO M12r banner featuremotorcycle light DITRIO M12r banner feature

Thinking about buying motorcycle LED strips for your ride at night?

It’s no-nonsense to install bright LED strips for your bike.

To let other people see you for safety, especially at cross roads
To make it the brightest and coolest among other bikes
To add fun to rhythms of your favorite music

So why not make your bike brightest to ride at night?

Make sure that you check out our InfiColors M12r.

SMD 5050 LED: Brightest among RGB LEDs
Circuit board: 2X power supply to assure optimum brightness
Brake Light Feature: More noticeable in longer distance
Music Mode: Light beats with rhythms of your music



Strips of 60 LEDs per Meter, Output Up to 1,000 Lumens per Meter

Brightest among SMD RGB LEDs and give off more light per watt
Offer a light output 3 times that of the most cost effective 3528 LEDs
Nobody can say can’t see you on the road

Circuit board for LED strips for motorcyclesCircuit board for LED strips for motorcycles


1.5X Brightness at DC 12V

Built with 3 big power Mosfets to minimize conduction and driver loss
Offer an optimum power output to assure brightness of SMD 5050 LEDs
Work together with brightest 5050 LEDs to give off maximum light
A single control box with enough power supply for up to 2 LED kits
Ideal for bike owners who want to expand their LED systems

motorcycle light DITRIO M12r brake light featuremotorcycle light DITRIO M12r brake light feature


Additional Warning Signal for Safety

The whole LED kit goes red when you squeeze your brake
You will be 62% more visible from a longer distance
Previous light colors come back, once you release the brake

motorcycle light DITRIO M12r music mode featuremotorcycle light DITRIO M12r music mode feature


Unlimit Your Choices for Music

Independent electret microphone for translating amplitude
Your music won’t be limited to what’s in built-in music app
With a 60X mic to amplify the sounds of any music
Insanely sensitive, beautifully follow rhythms

DITRIO motorcycle lights package includedDITRIO motorcycle lights package included


Packing List

3 X 1-2 Way splitters
4 X 1-3 Way splitters
1 X DC 12V Control box
1 X Instructional booklet
4 X 4.5” Strips with 6 LEDs
4 X 8.5” Strips with 12 LEDs
4 X 12.5” Strips with 18 LEDs
1 X Stripping free connector
2 X RF Remotes (Key fob + panel remote)
2 X Double sided adhesive for control box and remotes


Material: Soft ABS plastic tubes filled with waterproof silicone glue

Input Voltage: DC 10-15V

Working Temperature: 30°F – 110 °F

Effective Range of RF Remote: 30 ft

IP68 Waterproof for LED strips (not for remotes & control box)

➤ WIRING — 12 Volt DC System with Kill Switch (Prevent Battery from Draining), 4 x 4.5″ 6LED Strip+ 4 X 8.5″ 12LED Strip+ 4 X 12.5″ 18LED LED Strip; Red Wire (Positive) with In-Line Fuse, Black Wire (Negative), Blue Wire (Brake light) from Receiver. Wires with 3 Sizes – Total Length: 78.7”/82.6”/86.6”, Long Enough to Reach Any Part of Your Motorcycle.
➤ DUAL REMOTE — The DITRIO 12pcs motorcycle led light kit comes with 2 wireless remote with voice control. Motorcycle light will beats with the rhythm. Create a nice atmosphere when you have outdoor party!
➤ LED TYPE — RGB 5050 SMD LED, It can create 15 static color combinations that look stunning! 7 solid colors: Green, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Teal, Pink, Orange. Each led are waterproof & protect by separate silicone tube which guarantees super brightness & vibrant colors.
➤ EASY TO MOUNT & CUSTOMIZE – Each flexible LED motorcycle lighting strip can be easily mounted using the Adhesive tape on the back of each strip. Bend and curve each strip to any mounting location & cut the motorcycle led any size you want!
➤ FITMENT — This is a universal product and therefore has unlimited uses and mounting possibilities. Special design for Harley Davidson Touring Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati Can AM Polaris KTM BMW Honda CBR Toyoda Sportster Yamaha bike with DC 12V.


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