Harley-Davidson Flaming Bar & Shield Mason Jar Cups, 2 Pack Gift Set P24084901



Harley-Davidson Flaming Bar & Shield Mason Jar 2 Pack Cup Set, P24084901. A new twist on a classic design. These cups have the same feel as those nostalgic old-time glass mason jars but are made from durable acrylic materials. Double-walled Mason Jar with handle holds 18 oz. of liquid and comes with a screw on lid and straw. The Eco-friendly cups are a fun solution for indoor or outdoor hydration. Designed for use with cold liquids. Top rack dishwasher safe.Evergreen Enterprises is a true family business, started 21 years ago with their parents in Richmond Va, hand-making decorative flags in the garage. Now have a dedicated sales force across the United States and Canada with an office in Ningbo, China. Have become the world’s leader in decorative flags, as well as offering quality and value positions in drink ware, home decor, garden and gifts. Goals today remain the same as they were when it started in 1993, to enhance life by offering quality products known for their beauty and functionality.

Harley-Davidson Flaming Bar & Shield Mason Cup 2 Pack Set
18 oz. Eco-Friendly, designed for use with cold liquids
Double walled mason jar with handle
Screw on lid and reusable straw
Top rack dishwasher safe


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